Static Data -Daily Leverage Certificate
Underlying Asset Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (.DJI)
Code DSRW Type Daily Long
ISIN CH1169124216 Issuer UB
Leverage Factor 7x Listing Date 02/11/2022
24.683 Last Trading Date 15/09/2025
DLC Trading Currency SGD Expiry Date 22/09/2025
Underlying Currency USD Air Bag Trigger Level -10%
Costs and Fees
Management Fee 0.4% per annum Gap Premium 5.8% per annum
Daily Cost -0.000911
Legal Documents
Historical Performance Data
DJIA 7xLongUB250922
Last Update: 09/06/2023 11:24
Last Update: 09/06/2023 11:24
  • Intrinsic Closing Value is computed according to the valuation formula of the Certificates. The actual Closing Price of the Certificates reflects the last traded price on the trading day, which may differ from the Intrinsic Closing Value under certain conditions.
  • Leveraged Strategy Return is the sum of Daily Leveraged Return, Daily Funding Cost, Daily Rebalancing Cost and Stock Borrowing Cost (if any)
  • Hedging Fees Factor is computed as the product for all trading days of Daily Hedging Fees
  • Daily Hedging Fees are computed according to the following formula : [1 – Management Fees x (ACT (t-1;t) ÷ 360)] x [1 – Gap Premium (t-1) x (ACT (t-1;t) ÷ 360)]
  • When investors trade intra-day (buying and selling the Certificates on the same Trading Day), the costs are the brokerage fees, trading fees and bid/ask spread from trading which are typically the same as trading stocks on the relevant exchange. Daily Cost reflects the leverage and hedging costs and fees which would also apply when the Certificates are held overnight, which consist of the Management Fee, Gap Premium, Rebalancing Costs, Funding Costs and Borrowing Costs (for Short Certificates only), which are calculated daily and applied to the value of the Certificates.