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24 May 2023
Webinar: Capture HK & US Stock Market Opportunities using UBS DLC listed on SGX

During the first month of 2023, driven by the China tech giants and other promising HK brands, Hong Kong Heng Seng Index (HIS) swelled over 3000 points until it reached the highest point of the year so far – 22,700 points. Since then HIS gradually calmed down and recently it slumped below 20,000 multiple times. The volatility presents opportunities that can be captured by Singapore investors using Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC), which is accessible through a regular stock brokerage account. DLCs track the underlying index or single stock daily performance with a fixed leverage factor, and the long and short DLCs create opportunities by allowing investors to trade both directions of the market. The coverage of UBS DLC underlying recently expanded to Dow Jones Index and Nasdaq-100 index, providing investors with a fixed leverage of 5 or 7 times in both directions. Listen for how to incorporate UBS DLCs in your overall portfolio.

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