Hang Seng Index (.HSI)
56.960 (0.33%)
Last Update: 30/09/2022 18:59
Open 17,165.93
High 17,344.81
Last Intrinsic Close 17,165.87
Low 17,016.28
Traded Value 42,944.9M
Volume 2,113.9M
Hang Seng Index (.HSI)
Main Chart
Secondary Chart
Chart Type
Last Update: 30/09/2022 18:59
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Code Name Bid Ask Type Traded Value Intrinsic Closing Value1 Sensitivity2
HOHW HSI 7xShortUB241231 1.545 1.550 Short 613 1.521 7.810
IFDW HSI 7xLongUB250228 0.171 0.173 Long 2K 0.172 14.460
KNXW HSI 7xLongUB241231 0.029 0.030 Long - 0.029 84.325
QGGW HSI 7xShortUB250228 3.280 3.290 Short 1K 3.228 7.357
QXPW HSI 5xShortUB250430 2.950 2.970 Short 592 2.924 11.450
TCCW HSI 5xLongUB250430 0.485 0.490 Long - 0.487 35.542

Intrinsic Closing Value1: Last updated at 18:25 on 30/09/2022 for UBS products.

Sensitivity and Sensitivity(%)2: Sensitivity is the number of index points (for index) or dollar value (for stock) movement that is equivalent to a theoretical 1 tick movement of the DLC, without taking intraday exchange rate changes into account for non-SGD denominated underlying asset product. This value changes as the values of the underlying asset and the DLC change and is calculated based on previous closing price of the underlying asset and the previous theoretical closing price of the DLC. Sensitivity(%) is the value of Sensitivity in percentage of the corresponding Underlying Asset closing price. Both data are for reference only.