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Product Terms
Name Xiaomi 5xLongUBS230329 YZJ 5xShortUBS231115
Underlying Xiaomi Yangzijiang
Type Daily Long Daily Short
Leverage Factor 5x -5x
Air Bag Trigger Level -15% -15%
Expiry Date 28/02/2025 15/11/2023
Price & Data
Last 0.1333 +0.02 (+17.70%) 0/032 -0.001 (-3.03%)
Bid / Ask 0.133 / 0.135 0.032 / 0.033
Underlying 11.980 +0.38 (+3.28%) 0.915 +0.005 (+0.55%)
Sensitivity / (%) 0.021 (0.177%) 0.006 (0.605%)
Last Price:
The DLC price displayed is based on the 'bid price' rather than the 'traded price'. The intraday graph also uses the DLC bid price to generate the DLC price history. We do this to provide a more accurate representation of the DLC value at each particular point in time and a more accurate reflection of DLC price changes. DLCs do not trade as frequently as shares and sometimes may not record a trade for a long period of time though the bid/offer prices may continue to move, therefore using the bid price is usually the best indicator of a DLC value.

Bid / Ask:
In providing bid and ask quotes, UBS SG as the designated market maker may take into account, amongst others, the price of any derivatives linked to the Underlying Asset, such as listed futures contracts.

Sensitivity is the number of index points (for index) or dollar value(for stock) movement that is equivalent to a theoretical 1 tick movement of the DLC, without taking intraday exchange rate changes into account for non-SGD denominated underlying asset product. This value changes as the values of the underlying asset and the DLC change and is calculated based on previous closing price of the underlying asset and the previous theoretical closing price of the DLC. For each underlying asset, 1 short DLC and 1 long DLC with the highest sensitivity to price movements in each underlying asset (regardless of the leverage factor) have been identified as the “Most Sensitive”.