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  • Daily Leverage Certificates (“DLC”) is a non-collateralised product. If the Issuer is insolvent or defaults, investors may not recover part or all of the amount due.

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  • The following risk factors are relevant to the Certificates:
    • Investment in Certificates involves substantial risks including market risk, liquidity risk, and the risk that the Issuer will be unable to satisfy its obligations under the Certificates. Investors should ensure that they understand the nature of all these risks before making a decision to invest in the Certificates. You should consider carefully whether Certificates are suitable for you in light of your experience, objectives, financial position and other relevant circumstances. Certificates are not suitable for inexperienced investors;

    • The Certificates constitute direct, general and unsecured contractual obligations of the Issuer and if you purchase the Certificates you are relying upon the creditworthiness of the Issuer and have no rights under the Certificates against any other person. In particular, it should be noted that the Issuer issues a large number of financial instruments, including Certificates, on a global basis and, at any given time, the financial instruments outstanding may be substantial. If you purchase the Certificates you are relying upon the creditworthiness of the Issuer and have no rights under the Certificates against the Company which has issued the Underlying Stock (as defined below). The Issuer has substantially no obligation to a Certificate Holder (as defined in the Conditions) other than to pay amounts in accordance with the terms thereof as set forth herein and in the Base Listing Document. The Issuer does not in any respect underwrite or guarantee the performance of any Certificate. Any profit or loss realised by a Certificate Holder in respect of a Certificate upon exercise or otherwise due to changes in the value of such Certificate or the Underlying Stock is solely for the account of such Certificate Holder. In addition, the Issuer shall have the absolute discretion to put in place any hedging transaction or arrangement which it deems appropriate in connection with any Certificate or the Underlying Stock. A reduction in the rating, if any, accorded to outstanding debt securities of the Issuer by any one of its rating agencies could result in a reduction in the trading value of the Certificates;

    • Since the Certificates relate to the price of the Underlying Stock, certain events relating to the Underlying Stock may cause adverse movements in the value and the price of the Underlying Stock, as a result of which, the Certificate Holders may, in extreme circumstances, sustain a significant loss of their investment if the price of the Underlying Stock has fallen sharply;

    • Due to their nature, the Certificates can be volatile instruments and may be subject to considerable fluctuations in value. The price of the Certificates may fall in value as rapidly as it may rise due to, including but not limited to, variations in the frequency and magnitude of the changes in the price of the Underlying Stock, the time remaining to expiry and the creditworthiness of the Issuer;

    • Fluctuations in the price of the Underlying Stock will affect the price of the Certificates but not necessarily in the same magnitude and direction, therefore, prospective investors intending to purchase Certificates to hedge their market risk associated with investing in the Underlying Stock which may be specified herein, should recognise the complexities of utilising the Certificates in this manner;

    • A Certificate Holder must tender a specified number of Certificates at any one time in order to exercise. Thus, Certificate Holders with fewer than the specified minimum number of Certificates in a particular series will either have to sell their Certificates or purchase additional Certificates, incurring transactions costs in each case, in order to realise their investment;

    • If, whilst any of the Certificates remain unexercised, trading in the Underlying Stock is suspended or halted on the relevant stock exchange, trading in the Certificates may be suspended for a similar period;

    • Investors should note that the Issuer’s obligations to pay amounts in accordance with the terms thereof as set forth herein shall be discharged by delivery of the aggregate Cash Settlement Amount (if positive) to all Certificate Holders in accordance with the agreement with the Warrant Agent;

    • Investors should note that in the event of there being a Market Disruption Event (as defined in the Conditions) determination or payment of the Cash Settlement Amount (as defined in the Conditions) may be delayed, all as more fully described in the Conditions;

    • Certain events relating to the Underlying Stock require or, as the case may be, permit the Issuer to make certain adjustments or amendments to the Conditions;

    • The Certificates are only exercisable on the expiry date and may not be exercised by Certificate Holders prior to such expiry date. Accordingly, if on such expiry date the Cash Settlement Amount is zero or negative, a Certificate Holder will lose the value of his investment;

    • The total return on an investment in any Certificate may be affected by the Hedging Fee Factor (as defined below), Management Fee (as defined below) and Gap Premium (as defined below);

    • Investors holding their position overnight should note that they would be required to bear the annualised cost which consists of the Management Fee and Gap Premium, which are calculated daily and applied to the value of the Certificates, as well as certain costs embedded within the Leverage Strategy (as described below) including the Funding Cost (as defined below) and the Rebalancing Cost (as defined below);

    • Investors should note that there may be an exchange rate risk where the Cash Settlement Amount may be converted from a foreign currency into Singapore dollars. Exchange rates between currencies are determined by forces of supply and demand in the foreign exchange markets. These forces are, in turn, affected by factors such as international balances of payments and other economic and financial conditions, government intervention in currency markets and currency trading speculation. Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, foreign political and economic developments, and the imposition of exchange controls or other foreign governmental laws or restrictions applicable to such investments may affect the foreign currency market price and the exchange rate-adjusted equivalent price of the Certificates. Fluctuations in the exchange rate of any one currency may be offset by fluctuations in the exchange rate of other relevant currencies;

    • Investors should note that there are leveraged risks because the Certificates integrate a leverage mechanism and the Certificates will amplify the movements in the increase, and in the decrease, of the value of the Underlying Stock and if the investment results in a loss, any such loss will be increased by the leverage factor of the Certificates. As such, investors could lose more than they would if they had invested directly in the Underlying Stock;

    • When held for longer than a day, the performance of the Certificates could be more or less than the leverage factor that is embedded within the Certificates. The performance of the Certificates each day is locked in, and any subsequent returns are based on what was achieved the previous day. This process, referred to as compounding, may lead to a performance difference from [•] times the performance of the Underlying Stock over a period longer than one day. This difference may be amplified in a volatile market with a sideway trend, where market movements are not clear in direction, whereby investors may sustain substantial losses;

    • The Air Bag Mechanism (as defined below) is triggered only when the Underlying Stock is calculated or traded, which may not be during the trading hours of the Relevant Stock Exchange for the Certificates (as defined below);

    • Investors should note that the Air Bag Mechanism reduces the impact on the Leverage Strategy if the Underlying Stock falls further, but will also maintain a reduced exposure to the Underlying Stock in the event the Underlying Stock starts to rise after the Air Bag Mechanism is triggered, thereby reducing its ability to recoup losses;

    • There is no assurance that the Air Bag Mechanism will prevent investors from losing the entire value of their investment, in the event of
      (i) an overnight fall in the Underlying Stock, where there is a [•]% or greater gap between the previous day closing price and the opening price of the Underlying Stock the following day, as the Air Bag Mechanism will only be triggered when market opens the following day or
      (ii) a sharp intraday fall in the Underlying Stock of [•]% or greater during the observation period compared to the reference price, being:
      (a) if air bag event has not been previously triggered on the same day, the previous closing price of the Underlying Stock, or
      (b) if one or more air bag events have been previously triggered on the same day, the latest new observed price. Investors may refer to pages [•] to [•] of this document for more information;

    • Certain events may, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Certificates, trigger (A) the implementation of methods of adjustment or (B) the early termination of the Certificates. The Issuer will give the investors reasonable notice of any early termination. If the Issuer terminates the Certificates early, then the Issuer will, if and to the extent permitted by applicable law, pay an amount to each Certificate Holder in respect of each Certificate held by such holder equal to the fair market value of the Certificate less the cost to the Issuer of unwinding any underlying related hedging arrangements, all as determined by the Issuer in its sole and absolute discretion. The performance of this commitment shall depend on (A) general market conditions and (B) the liquidity conditions of the underlying instrument(s) and, as the case may be, of any other hedging transactions. Investors should note that the amount repaid by the Issuer may be less than the amount initially invested. Investors may refer to Condition 13 on pages [•] to [•] of this document for more information;

    • Investors should note that it is not possible to predict the price at which the Certificates will trade in the secondary market or whether such market will be liquid or illiquid. To the extent Certificates of a particular issue are exercised, the number of Certificates of such issue outstanding will decrease, resulting in a diminished liquidity for the remaining Certificates of such issue. A decrease in the liquidity of an issue of Certificates may cause, in turn, an increase in the volatility associated with the price of such issue of Certificates. The Issuer may, but is not obligated to, at any time, purchase Certificates at any price in the open market or by tender or private agreement. Any Certificates so purchased may be held or resold or surrendered for cancellation. To the extent that an issue of Certificates becomes illiquid, an investor may have to exercise such Certificates to realise value;

    • Two or more risk factors may simultaneously have an effect on the value of a Certificate such that the effect of any individual risk factor may not be predicted. No assurance can be given as to the effect any combination of risk factors may have on the value of a Certificate;

    • Investors should note that they may be required to pay stamp taxes or other documentary charges in accordance with the laws and practices of the country where the Certificates are transferred. Investors who are in any doubt as to their tax position should consult their own independent tax advisers. In addition, investors should be aware that tax regulations and their application by the relevant taxation authorities change from time to time. Accordingly, it is not possible to predict the precise tax treatment which will apply at any given time. Investors should refer to the Taxation Section in the Base Listing Document;

    • Investors should note that the Issuer may enter into discount, commission or fee arrangements with brokers and/or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates with respect to the primary or secondary market in the Certificates. The arrangements may result in the benefit to investors in Certificates buying and selling Certificates through nominated brokers by reducing or eliminating the commission payable by such Certificate Holders. In the event that the commission payable by Certificate Holders is eliminated, fee arrangements between the Issuer and brokers and/or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates will continue to apply. Investors in the Certificates should note that any brokers with whom the Issuer has a commission arrangement does not, and cannot be expected to, deal exclusively in the Certificates, therefore any broker and/or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates may from time to time engage in transactions involving the Underlying Stock and/or structured products of other issuers over the Underlying Stock as the Certificates for their proprietary accounts and/or accounts of their clients. The fact that the same broker may deal simultaneously for different clients in competing products in the market place may affect the value of the Certificates and present certain conflicts of interests;

    • Various potential and actual conflicts of interest may arise from the overall activities of the Issuer and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates. The Issuer and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates are diversified financial institutions with relationships in countries around the world. These entities engage in a wide range of commercial and investment banking, brokerage, funds management, hedging transactions and investment and other activities for their own account or the account of others. In addition, the Issuer and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates, in connection with their other business activities, may possess or acquire material information about the Underlying Stock. Such activities and information may involve or otherwise affect issuers of the Underlying Stock in a manner that may cause consequences adverse to the Certificate Holders or otherwise create conflicts of interests in connection with the issue of Certificates by the Issuer. Such actions and conflicts may include, without limitation, the exercise of voting power, the purchase and sale of securities, financial advisory relationships and exercise of creditor rights. The Issuer and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates have no obligation to disclose such information about the Underlying Stock or such activities. The Issuer and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates and their officers and directors may engage in any such activities without regard to the issue of Certificates by the Issuer or the effect that such activities may directly or indirectly have on any Certificate;

    • In the ordinary course of their business, including without limitation in connection with the Issuer or its appointed designated market maker’s market making activities, the Issuer and any of its respective subsidiaries and affiliates may effect transactions for their own account or for the account of their customers and hold long or short positions in the Underlying Stock and/or related derivatives. In addition, in connection with the offering of any Certificates, the Issuer and any of its respective subsidiaries and affiliates may enter into one or more hedging transactions with respect to the Underlying Stock and/or related derivatives. In connection with such hedging or market-making activities or with respect to proprietary or other trading activities by the Issuer and any of its respective subsidiaries and its affiliates, the Issuer and any of its respective subsidiaries and affiliates may enter into transactions in the Underlying Stock and/or related derivatives which may affect the market price, liquidity or value of the Certificates and which may affect the interests of Certificate Holders;

    • The value of the Certificates depends on the Leverage Strategy performance built in the Certificate. The Calculation Agent will make the Leverage Strategy last closing level and a calculation tool available to the investors on a website;

    • Certain risks relating to the Issuer’s operating environment and strategy, including those as set out in Appendix II of this document, may impact the Issuer’s ability to execute its strategy and directly affect its business activities, financial condition, results of operations and prospects. As a broad-based international financial services firm, the Issuer is inherently exposed to risks that become apparent only with the benefit of hindsight, risks of which it is not presently aware or which it currently does not consider to be material could also materially affect its business activities, financial condition, results of operations and prospects. The sequence in which the risk factors are set out in Appendix II of this document is not indicative of their likehood of occurrence or the potential magnitude of their financial consequences; and

    • As the Certificates are represented by a global warrant certificate which will be deposited with The Central Depository (Pte) Limited (“CDP”):
      (i) investors should note that no definitive certificate will be issued in relation to the Certificates;
      (ii) there will be no register of Certificate Holders and each person who is for the time being shown in the records maintained by CDP as entitled to a particular number of Certificates by way of interest (to the extent of such number) in the global warrant certificate in respect of those Certificates represented thereby shall be treated as the holder of such number of Certificates;
      (iii) investors will need to rely on any statements received from their brokers/custodians as evidence of their interest in the Certificates; and
      (iv) notices to such Certificate Holders will be published on the website of the SGX-ST. Investors will need to check the website of the SGX-ST regularly and/or rely on their brokers/custodians to obtain such notices.